Beware: Being Anti-Gay can lay you off !

Brendan Eich, Mozilla Corporation Taken by Aci...
Brendan Eich, Mozilla Corporation Taken by AcidJazzed 03:14, 22 January 2007 (UTC) 11/21/2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If supporting gayism is an opinion, and raising voice for it is freedom of speech, being against it is another school of thought… and by the way what’s the relationship between being an anti-gay and a web browser? What technology has to do with your sexual orientation? What religion or Sexual Orientation a router, switch, wireless access point or a software solution has?

It’s not about hatred.. it’s about expressing your opinion. I don’t hate gays, but I dislike the concept, so I will always speak against this concept. I will endorse, promote and appreciate anyone who shares the same sentiments as mine. This, for sure, is my personal opinion. It doesn’t mean that I hate gays or I don’t want to have professional relation with them. Never. If a gay is an exceptional graphics desginer, he’s going to be my first choice for a vacancy that requires a brilliant graphics desginer.

Kicking out anyone who believes in Anti-Gayism is equally insane as knowcking out someone who’s Pro-Gayism.. It’s like you don’t have any problem with stripping clubs but yeah you have issues with Hijab and you ban it..

If you’re allowing Side A to share their sentiments, you shouldn’t be reluctant while Side B is expressing their views… Should you ask for resignation to anyone who has funded Gayism? If No then the other way around shouldn’t have happened either.

Pretty understandable.. live and let others live.. not about hatred.. it’s about freedom of speech, acts and behaviours… Promoting Gayism is one side, Promoting Straight Sexual Orientation is other… we should learn to live with both… Ney?

Brendan Eich got mobbed by an angry group of illogical folks. Remember, you’re seeing decent looking beautiful websites and one of the core reasons of this beauty is Eich’s JavaScript language. Firefox was, is and (I hope) will remain my favorite browser, and I don’t believe in quitting it’s use if a Gay, Muslim or a Black guy takes it over as CEO.



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