PPTP Client Setup on CentOS

It can be simple or complicated. For complicated there’s Google. But if for some reason you’ve reach here on this page, here’s the simple way to configure yout PPTP VPN on CentOS.

First, search for yum package for your OS using:

yum search pptp

You may find different results. Go for one with something like pptp.i686 or pptp.x86_64 (you’re not going to see both of them rather just one depending upon your machine processor architecture, i.e. 32 bit or 64 bit). Assuming that yours is x86, you will have to go with:

yum -y install pptp.i686

Once done, install pptp-setup to simplify the whole PPTP Client Setup:

yum -y install pptp-setup

That’s it. Installation part is done. Now to start VPN Client:
pptpsetup –create your_vpn_connection_name –server vpn_server_hostname_or_ip –username your_vpn_server_username –password your_vpn_server_password –encrypt –start

After this, don’t forget to route your traffic to VPN. You have to delete the current default route first:

route del default

and then add the new one pointing to your PPTP device:


route add default dev ppp0

That’s it. You’re encrypted and anonymous on your ISP now (except deep packet filtering ones).

To stop the pptp service:

pptpsetup –delete yout_vpn_connection_name

Don’t forget to add back the default gateway (assuming that your eth0 IP is, followed by Network Service restart:

route add default gateway eth0

service network restart


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