Mama’s Girl iOS7

Perfect Mama’s girl.. she is grown up, cute.. very cute indeed but available to a selected gentry – not to every second person. Mama decorates her with the good new vivid frocks and cares her as if she’s just an infant.. and she’s used to of it.. She isn’t bold enough to try something new.. but yeah.. she copies stuff from other bold guys & girls.. And when the selected gentry – more or less the same as Mama’s girl – likes these new moves, she tries to take all the credit to herself..

Welcome to the Apple iOS7!


They’re excited about Airdrop.. available to a few eligible handsets alone (imagine, class within a class – even narrower selection within Apple Hardware). You don’t need to touch your bums to exchange your farts.. wow.. wonderful Airdrop.. but guys, there’s something known as Wifi Direct Android announced in 4.0.0 – And then Apple tries to sue Samsung (.. And the audience claps.. ) πŸ˜€

Mac Maps is an amazing feature that is so stable that Siri relies upon Bing Maps instead of it – Amazing ! (and it’s not a copy of Google Maps, right? lOl)

Dancing Wallpapers? Wait a sec.. Isn’t it what we already know as Live Wallpapers on Android?

And Apple thinks they’ve introduced Lock Screen but I don’t know why any dumb ass showed them this video about what you can already do with Android.

What else? Ok.. here’s Apple’s Selective (so called smart) Multitasking.. Congratulations Apple.. you’ve achieved a selective Multitasking based on user’s most frequent pattern.. but.. how are you going to select which tasks to be run simultaneously? Let’s check how good are you. Again, you must thank Android for this !

Safari got some 3D touch.. Chrome is enjoying it about a year πŸ˜€ They tried to ignore this fact sheet.

And trust me.. it’s the glimpse of Mama’s girl being copy cat.. The complete list include so many copied features like Calendar, Navigation Stuff (BB10 Copy), Epic Failed Email client and Command Center.

Perfect Mama’s Girl – Welcome to iOS7 !

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